Friday, April 28, 2006


This is my trexi.(pre-production sample)

The official release date for this series is 26th May 2006

Play Imaginative has unveiled their Coca-Cola
"We All Speak Football" Trexi Series featuring 25 figures by some of the hottest international designers working today.
This is a designer centric series.
Each designer created a trexi based on their interpretation of the Coca-Cola and Football and also their own individual unique box.

This series is really nice and does a good job of showcasing some serious design talent.
Most of these Trexi designs are fresh, dynamic and just kick butt.
Yes, it's a corporate sponsored series, but with these designs I almost don't care. So who's kicking it in this series?
(Excerpt from Vinyl Pulse)

++Participating artist list++

Play Imaginative Darren Gan (Singapore)
Play Imaginative Airene (Singapore)
Play Imaginative Cain (Singapore)
Danny Chan (HK)
Winson Ma (HK)
Ultraman (HK)
Tim Tsui (HK)
Huck Gee (USA)
Tracy Tubera (USA)
Sam Fout (USA)
Jim Koch (USA)
Mickey Huang (Taiwan)
Jon Burgerman (UK)
Rolito (France)
Koa (France)
Devilobots (Japan)
Touma (Japan)
Mori Chack (Japan)
Furi Furi (Japan)
Kei Sawada (Japan)
Erwin Weber (The Netherlands)
Stephan Lau (Malaysia)
Jeremyville (Australia)
DGPH (Argentina)

Other designs can be seen with following here.

The meaning of the logo drawn in my package is the following.

Which work do you like in 25 pieces?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Postcard exchange project.

Consecutive holidays that are in May are called
"Golden Week" in Japan.

"Hobo-nichi" is a Web site that I am serializing.
Such a project was begun.
"Picture postcard exchange project"

Details are as follows.

Please send one picture postcard to "Hobo-nichi".
It is a peculiar postcard to the region where you live.
Then, the picture postcard reaches from "Hobo-nichi" without fail.
It reaches even if you do not live in Japan.

It is random in you what you reach from 31 kinds of inside.
The postcard that I designed is this.

The deadline is arriving surely on May 7.

Please question here if you do not understand.
Have a nice holiday!!


1-18-1, nihonbashi, chuou-ku, tokyo,

Sunday, April 23, 2006


The badge of the third that
I designed sells it in One up.

What you can get is not understood because it is in the capsule.
It's "Vehicle series" this time.
100 yen a piece.
The machine is very lovely.

A famous toy lines up in the surrounding.

The mail order is accepted in this shop.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Solo Exhibition in OSAKA

Finally, I make it public.

May 27 (Sat) to June 11 (Sun)

I hold the solo exhibition
in Splash and Sammy.

My first original TOY put on the market from Toy2R is sold.
It is a CUCUMOUSE(limited edition)

It exists all over the world only by 100.
30 is sold here.

It is only here to be able to buy this in Japan!!

"White version not printed" and "My custom CUCUMOUSE",
"Mini canvas", and "Paper TOY", etc. are sold.

And, there is a wonderful report.
Special 8 artists customize Cucu.

+ Saki
+ Motohiro Ichinomiya
+ Noriya Takeyama
+ Toru Fukuda
+ Mori Chack
+ Hiroshi Yoshii

Guest artist's work is not sold.

I go to the shop on Saturday and Sunday.
Please come if there is time.

This time, Not "Exhibition" but "mini Exhibition"
The space that can be exhibited is small.
However, the content is very large.
It enhances it.
The shop is very wonderful!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

CD jacket

I designed the CD jacket.

This is a project of "R*jacket".

It is a design of the second piece in this.
The first work is this.

There is no data.
Please put your favorite data.

It is 330 yen a piece.

the white of the eye

This picture is my self-portrait.

White of the eye had not been drawn up to now.
However, I began to think that it was more convenient that there was white of the eye.

+ Where is seen becomes clear.
+ The expression becomes rich.

I will flexibly use it properly.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Plush No.4

It is No.4 in making for trial purposes.

Shape is different from last time.
Which do you like?

The magnet is put in the inside.
He sticks to the refrigerator.

He sticks to the kettle.

What will I try next?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Welcome board

Today was friend's wedding.
I drew "Welcome Board" in the friend.

Is "Welcome Board" a peculiar alias to Japan?
It is a picture exhibited to the acceptance of the hall of ceremony.

By the way, this is a picture that I drew for the elder sister last year.

Friday, April 14, 2006

T-shirt for children

I designed T-shirt for children.

There are 4 kinds of in total designs.
(However, only 3 kinds are published. )

It is possible to buy it only in Japan.
I'm sorry.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Plush dolls

This is the third making for trial purposes.

The hair was expressed by the fur.

Moreover, the color of the string of the pool was changed.
The fur is white because it has not dyed it yet.

Three strange brothers completed.

Who do you like?

And....It colored with Photoshop.

Monday, April 10, 2006


This is Blythe that put on clothes that I designed.

This is a design picture.

The stuffed toy on both sides is my new works.
Though it is still making for trial purposes.

And, This blog was introduced by Vinylpulse.
I'm very glad!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The exhibition that had been held in London ended today.

Toy and art show benefitting Huck Gee.
I exhibited a large amount of character.

I am regrettable it was not possible to go to see.

The appearance of the hall can be seen in Vinylpulse.

Please check this!!

And, "Cherry blossoms" are beautifully in blossom in Japan.
It is called "SAKURA" in Japanese.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


I went to the exhibition of MAD BARBARIANS today.
The shop is SPLASH and SAMMY in Osaka JAPAN.

There were a lot of new TOY and an artwork.

MAD is very happy unit.

I was able to meet Peskimo by chance there.
I am lucky!!

I designed the textbook.

I designed the textbook.
It is an established custom every year.

It becomes the 8 this time.

All are musical textbooks.
The friend of me who became a teacher also is using it!!