Friday, June 23, 2006

How to buy trexi

It was impossible to buy it from the production company individually.

However, how to buy in Japan was heard.

It seems to accept the mail order in World of Coca-Cola Tokyo.
It is possible to buy it for each artist.

Only the set sales are done in Japan usually.

The acceptance is up to four o'clock.

Carriage(630JPY) and
Commission (315JPY)

You can see the lineup here.

I drew the picture in the ball in the event held in Hong Kong.

It was published in all aspects in the magazine.
I'm very glad!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Solo Exhibition in Osaka

The exhibition in Osaka ends the next Sunday.

Please come to Osaka if you were interested in this image.

The tapestry in which 1000 characters are published is remarkable.

Cucumouse of the Yellow Pants version is sold under that.
Cucumouse by which I did the custom is sold.
It is only ONE work in the world.
(A big image is published later. )

I drew the mini canvas.

Qee of the original bill of Cucumouse has been exhibited.

Coin case put on the market in "One up" in Tokyo.
Character of RIC not obtained now.

R*jacket put on the market in "FEWMANY" in Tokyo.

Papar toy that artist in the Netherlands designed.

Gacha-Maru and Cho-Chikyu chocolate.

There is a badge in the capsule machine.

Movie to be able to see 700 characters.

The student in the kindergarten that I was guiding drew.

Clothes of Blythe that I designed are sold.
This is Cucumouse version!!
soooo cute!!

Please write the comment in Cucu in the coming person.

I can meet a lot of people and I am happy.