Monday, May 22, 2006

Coin case by rubber

The coin case that I designed is sold in One up.

This time design is
FunFun & Stimpy.

Opaque Red
Transparent Red
Transparent Neon Green
Transparent Neon Pink
Opaque Blue

There are five kinds.

It is ¥399 (JPY) a piece.
It is very cheap.

There are some ruggedness.

The color of my hair became this!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Exhibition information

The card for the notification was completed.

It begins to send it.

I will present the badge to the first 20 people.
It is addition serial number

The badge that entered the capsule is sold, too.
This is doodle badge.

I newly made the business card.

These are works of the kindergartener whom I am guiding.
These are exhibition schedules.

Please looking forward!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

#011 "Trap"

The story is written after a long time.

Kei and Gacha-maru are busy because of the preparation for the solo exhibition.

Well, who what did.......?
When thinking...!?

"Hey! Hey! Hey!!! What's up?
The story of we FunFun and Crafty is told today!!!"

"FunFun that was the cat" and "Crafty that was the mouse" appeared.
They love playing a mischief.

The CD jacket of our design puts it on the market!!
We are rising popularly now!!"

FunFun advertises the CD jacket.

However, "Evil-One" who was looking at it is not good feelings.

"Ummmm.....I was not able to appear in the CD jacket.
I will fix foolish FunFun into the trap.
He will enter in this if it is written that "there is a fish".
However, it is not really. hee-hee."

Then, FunFun immediately noticed fish's smell.

「Oh, this is my favorite!!
looks yummy!!」

「HOLD ON!!!!」

It is not in time that Crafty stops it
and FunFun has walked into a trap.

Kei that completed the first stage of work saw the garden.
It is a very interesting spectacle.
"This is made!!"
Kei began production.


Kei made the spectacle a paper toy.
This paper toy is sold in the solo exhibition!!

Um? There is a person who says something....

"Oh snap!
I have really put the fish though I only had to write the lie.
My pocket money this month....

The Evil-One was stupider than FunFun.

to be continued...

(It is very difficult to write the story in English.
Please correct it if the mistake is found. )